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tonight on r t don't break up with britain the charm offensive to keep scotland part of the u.k. is on with foreign secretary hague giving a keynote speech to lure the scots ahead of their independence referendum. the test is in brazil gear up for what they promise will be the biggest rally yet now after the government fails to curb the and rest were reversing public transport fare hikes. and stop the force feeding of hunger strikers in guantanamo doctors from around the globe call on president obama to allow the prisoners independent medical care.
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even if you just joined us this is r.t. international live from moscow it's just after eleven pm here now and my name is kevin now in first in the u.k. government is campaigning to win hearts and minds in scotland ahead of its historic referendum on independence foreign secretary william hague's giving a speech in edinburgh to try and persuade the scots that they're safer stronger and better off with britain but as r.t. sarah firth reports he's only added fuel to the debates on scottish independence. day. in the century that is a breakthrough around one hundred fifty delegates from all of this like in it they write the scottish independence around the world lead. count some of the negative implications of vote for independents to trial. in the yes campaign we want to see if those independents approved this relentless campaign of negativity
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and they say they want to break the economic strangle the west and the economic resources of course if you will coming up time and again experts easily divided on how these pieces would be westlands to become independent you're going to see this debate forcing up there as the twenty fourteenth a week ever nearer but what do the people of scotland think looking continually in the polls say by you see the yes campaign is calling a fair bit lower because they still say that everything's to play for what is interesting a lot of the people we were speaking to saying that the debate unfolds like new takes a little less on the stroke that's right a little more on fox it's still a bit of confusion over exactly what a day the independence would mean down focus the hate the foreign secretary with hits a day to try to deeds without a very clear turn white people still think will be safer as part of the u.k.
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we've been speaking to some of the people in stunned lens to find out what they think i'm against it you're against it yes and i don't think it's going to be any benefit to us whatsoever do you think the debate has been to the well laid out the people know no more money you know i think it needs to show more benefits of. what can bring to us if we came into painting the economy go the unionist party and i think the pain of ignored scotland for a long day when william hague says that when he travels the world people heard but will good by the fact that scotland wants to leave such a successful lenient would you say to them well i can imagine where william hague travels the when he travels the world every drop felicia taylor in singapore employs his lover through and i travel the world people ask me how come an independent country has grown as ruled by a government and ever elected two of the three younger you spoke on the seven the choice mixed you know to vote for government and our independence and i think the work of our. well some polls show almost
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a third of scots would like to break away from britain with support for a yes vote reaching its highest level in two years though around sixty percent would still vote no with one in ten scots still undecided as what jonathan shafi he's from activist group the radical independents campaign who explained to me why he thinks scotland should go it alone what we have just knows we have waste men start a cabinet of millionaires who are unleashing the most brutal package of a state see that this country's ever seen so our public services are being decimated our services are being privatized and there's a democratic question as well i mean no one has given the mandate to basements to to do this and to score when no one's given the tories the mandate to count the sorts of measures the accounting and to scotland and we want to put forward a progressive agenda which actually puts people at the center of that to be rather than the millionaires in the tories and the people who've been running our society into the going for too long scotland has an abundance of potential when it comes to the new bill energies we could put people into want into good jobs into well paid
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jobs which also have a socially useful benefit it all sounds great but is it achievable is there a danger in falling into a black hole is this maybe you know national pride over practicality i think the key issue is about economic inequalities about inequality of power is about democracy is about our role in the world those are the key issues i think that people will be making their calculation as to whether people yes or no. and while you can if you want to scotland could suffer financial collapse if it goes alone british banks appear to be struggling to balance the books they need to raise billions of pounds to cover their risks according to a warning from the u.k.'s financial regulator we report on that in just a few minutes. now though as unrest continues to rattle brazil the country's authorities reversed their decision to increase public transport fares but the u.-turn seems to come too late to appease demonstrators they're angry over the government's high spending on hosting next year's football world cup while health care and education remain severely underfunded rallies are
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believed to be the most violent in a decade but protesters say the biggest day of protest is yet to come research or international control very good she joins us now live for more hi there adrian brazilian authorities have backed down and agreed to meet some of the protesters demands is that going to quell the unrest i'm probably not because i think that they have not read the writing on the wall correctly the brazilian authorities have been very very have great enthusiasm over the fact that twenty fourteen brazil will be the world cup host twenty sixteen real de janeiro will host the olympic games and when the protests broke out the mayor of south pole which is the largest cities in the city in brazil was in paris mr fernando how he was in paris trying to secure brazil's hosting the twenty one the world's fairs so in a way i think that they really are not reading the writing on the wall correctly we've seen several rounds yesterday protests is. brazil wrestling the same kind
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of wave of unrest or is this something different it's so it's a global phenomenon the working plan the cat classes the working masses are very very angry for example in brazil or in argentina or throughout europe and the growing government corruption the government seems to go on one road the people are going on another road and in the case of brazil they are and the people are asking for a class because of the world the football club class schools education. health and also transportation transportation was in a way what triggered the whole problem a very tiny transportation hike but it was the straw that broke the camel's back in which i'm authorities say these protesters are marginalized crowd of unhappy soccer fans we think about well no way no absolutely no way are brazil has very serious problems social problems it has to cope with probably poverty it has to cope with the grand plans government corruption even though president dilma rousseff has done
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a relatively good job in the sense that as soon as she came into power she threw out her. labor minister she threw out her sports minister her defense minister of staff amongst others because of corruption something much better than what has been done in argentina where corruption is being ignored by the government so in spite of that people are becoming very angry over the huge divide between the very poor and the very rich which just continues decade after decade and the fact that all government action to have it's always insufficient it's just not enough what about all that help from international monetary fund is beloved money on brazil to help heal its inflation rate and that's not helping no world usually when the international monetary fund and the major bankers poor money into countries whether it's brazil spain italy argentina or even the united states it goes to the wrong pockets and that is a global phenomenon so in a way what people are demanding is for more real presents a representation of this so. all democracy which is merely money sloshing whereby
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the really powerful and the really rich and ensure that their candidates always get into power and do their bidding it's the same old story in country after country and in different continents brazil's foreign minister says his country won't experience that the kind of violence that turkey's witnessed in the past weeks are there though go back to my first question i guess any underlying similarities between the two protests i think he is being too optimistic because just as we saw arab spring quote unquote which is the wave of the global power elites have engineering social strife and even civil war as they did in libya and in syria over the past two or three years they have learned all they are now i think bringing in latin american spring which will have more localized tropical ised characteristics which would seek to to achieve the same goal to weaken powerful states especially powerful slaves like brazil that might go their own way against the of the world government or projections of the global power elites. thank you thank you.
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the taliban to say they're ready to release a captured u.s. soldier in exchange for five of its members locked up in guantanamo bay their announcement puts the u.s. in precarious position as it tries to get the afghan government to join peace talks with the militant group meantime the recourse for president obama to hold the force feeding of detainees at the prison and to allow them to receive independent medical care is required by the u.n. got it if you can reports. the way and the world medical association demand access for independent doctors to guantanamo detainees more than one hundred fifty doctors including from the us have signed an open letter to obama urging him to allow detainees access to independent medical examinations and bodies here's what they write it is clear that the detainees do not trust their military doctors they have very good reason for this is you should know from the current protocols of the joint task force guantanamo which those doctors are ordered to follow the orders
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they receive or ultimately your orders as their commander in chief without trust safe and acceptable medical care of mentally competent patients is impossible the above mentioned protocols described the procedure for speeding that the doctors are obliged to administer at guantanamo it involves a tube inserted through the nose and down the throat of the detainees on hunger strike and those who are being force fed and guantanamo describe it as a very painful procedure to which they gave no consent actually it is the opinion of the u.n. commission on human rights that force feeding is a lawful and torture when it's clear that it's a protest and a last resort for the detainees because before the hunger strike became impossible to ignore one tunnel was out of sight out of mind and washington was happy to keep it that way the u.n. has repeatedly called on the obama administration to stop the practice of force feeding and fix the underlying issue of this hunger strike which is indefinite detention the entire international community has called on the us to either try
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these people or let them go shopping tubes down their noses doesn't fix the problem . i spoke to stephen sold she's a clinical psychologist and one of the few health professionals who had access to some a grant to move by medical records exposed to be a while but it is into the facility is so important. over the last decade or or fifteen years or so over the specially since nine eleven there is been a corruption of the military medical system so that the autonomy of health personnel to follow their professional ethics has been sued really eroded. they are subject to the pressures of the command the non medical command who have their own issues and motivations but they're also so well only those physicians and nurses who go along with force feeding which is against medical ethics are sent there they
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select those who do not agree with the world medical association the american medical association that force feeding a hunger strikers is an ethical to send them there. and then they're not independent in the exercise of their professional judgment but even if they were. prisoners do not trust them they cannot trust them they've had such horrible experiences with health professionals over the years that they don't trust them in this fundamental issue you need people who are independent say from the right cross or other things who can exercise their independent professional judgment and build process with the prisoners. in the next few minutes in a t.v. report on the risks facing the u.k.'s financial health.
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hello get the u.k.'s financial health is at risk with its top banks anita billions of pounds to fill a hole in the balance sheets the revelation by the country's financial regulator come shortly after a report calling for criminal punishment for bankers reckless misconduct tester said as in london to look at the troubles of britain's banking sector. twenty seven billion pounds that's about forty two billion u.s. dollars that banks need to find to fill in that gaping hole is what financial regulators had found basing it on the new guidelines that was agreed upon by international central banks after the two thousand and eight financial crisis if we remember we saw then the collapse of some of the world's biggest financial institutions some of the needed bailouts taxpayers' money getting involved there and this report that we know that the guideline says that now two percent previously two percent of the equity that banks should have has been raised to
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seven percent thereby creating this wall in the balance sheets of what concerns financial regulators most right now is the world like of scotland r.b.s. having a thirteen point six billion pound a hole to plug and let's not forget r.b.s. is already eighty one percent old by the government after having received a bailout so this is certainly a sensitive topic when it comes to the bank banking or performance and how they actually manage their finances and this is again on the back of that report coming from an independent commission set up to investigate behavior of reckless behavior as you pointed out called changing the banking of for good at this if it is passed into law could mean that some baxter's bankers that are accused of reckless behavior could be sent to jail it also questions puts accountability of governments and regulators to implement these laws so as not to render all of them but useless and trying to find a twenty seven billion
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a pal's the question there is will the measures that the banks have already put forward r.b.s. and barclays saying they're confident there will be will be able to plug this hole will those measures be enough or will there be a need to go again to external funding and once taxpayers' money gets involved it will certainly hurt a few hit a few nerves that once again the question is who is going to be footing the bill at the end of the day. we try to move world business through some looking for ways to boost economic growth also to reform the global financial system to strengthen trade. forum where she caught up with russia's deputy prime minister. here this in petersburg international economic forum we are talking about international prices on the domestic market here in russia because we have the d.h. summit taking place this week a lot of those topics that doma knowing their way here to st petersburg so right now i'm joined by the deputy head of the russian government cathy walkabouts to
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talk about the g. eight and the topics it was spoken about there and as far as the economic agenda was concerned what did you take away from it as usual when i was working the short before from to ensure broad leaders have discussed in detail how the global economy stations the challenges of all the major countries are facing and one of the challenges is. transparency or for global finance is money being used by institutional investors by banks by large companies for their paying taxes so how this affects used to station to particular countries in need of have agreed to take some primacy requirements and i sing that's where it's important development coming down on offshore as was a huge topic calking russia do this and is it possible to get this money back to the home economy major. challenges to improve the station in the russian it's
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a key instrument to bring money back to you know going to use law enforcement most or something like that it just requires that we'll. make influence on the investors and committed to lose and in reality how much money are we talking about in the real dozens of billions of dollars of new investments in the to create new more than jobs in the rushing all the surplus are starting from the traditional and the very. nature resource development and to innovate in the right of sector strike aircraft should building. communications. just medical services and pharmaceuticals more than agriculture. if this is a thing based on a culture where the headlines are much more online on our website our t.v. or com with a couple stories there right now it's a lurch to hunted by america upload founder kim dotcom now reversed roles because the u.s. government what it calls quote the largest massacre of data in the history of the
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internet and quote while it was going to open arms and it r.t. don't home also there to the world's fastest growing economy goes to extremes for a cleaner future china is no introduce the death penalty for people who dare to break the nation's environmental protection laws because before let us know in the comments section of all us or. recent comments from senior israeli cabinet members expressing skepticism over a two state solution of prompted angry responses palestinian president mahmoud abbas accused israel of trying to avoid peace while israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu tried to distance himself from the comments but this war of words means little to scores of suffering palestinian suits homes have been blocked off by walls of thick concrete artie's paula slater reports. the walls might be coming down in the rest of the world but here in israel they're going up there's one along the country's border with egypt there's a fifty one kilometer one around gaza there's one in the pipeline next to jordan
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and the newest frontier is being fortified along the lebanese and syrian borders and then there's the most famous the controversial so-called separation wall that encircles the west bank of course it's us the figure. defending itself and preparing itself for possible future attacks towards the. necessity and also it seems from attacks even closer to home it's not only on the borders but also here inside israel twenty minutes away from tel aviv jews and arabs have lived side by side in the israeli city of lard for generations but in one part of the city they're now living on opposite sides of a concrete wall. we met a time the horn on the jewish side he builds wars for a living but they're usually the decorative type used for exhibitions and parties he and his jewish neighbors battled hard even dipping into their own pockets to
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build this wall our neighbors next door. they're making a lot of trouble for us there are people here there are farmers and they have land growing. with or something else and they used to. burn everything. drugs they come to our house. for inventing. drugs they want a lot has the highest homicide rate in israel police say it's because of infighting among arab families but the families say that's nonsense you know there is no reason to build this war besides racism they built it because we are arabs it bothers me they did not leave us any room and they do not even on this land. abdullah is one of those who now finds himself on the wrong side of the wall. of the jews fear arabs and always build a wall if there are no arabs they don't build
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a wall that israelis argue they was all meant to keep terrorism and illegal infiltration out both dropped ninety percent after the barriers went up but palestinians insist the wars keep them under siege and are used as an excuse for annexing palestinian land wars in the name of the game of his. virtual wars and real wars the feeling is that it's the israelis more and more getting into the gate all this terror would be their war there are immigrants from africa will be there war every single be sold by building a war and above all the world is against us let's win the war israel's physical isolation gets clearer by the day a country. could soon be completely enclosed by steel concrete and barbed wire policy are for our tea in large city israel. was like things but now sure the moscow international film festival kicked off with hollywood legend brad pitt still
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in the show on the red carpet tonight and expected to premiere his new movie in the russian capital two by mazzei was there as well. what breed of the bull is a back up see the bull am i here at the break up at for the forty fifth avenue old musta international film festival way spectate around a five hundred four and gets a hero walking this way cop it with all the fans behind it obviously sorry for poor families yet if it's one of their favorite actors or actresses from home oh i brought the man of the out today with brad pitt who made his that saddling up here into the sun me all that but oh you feeling lonely right when you. feel like i'm with my good bye to oldest daughter right even during the time in the song i. couldn't. put think about never going to pan really. great. we also had christian slater i want to catch up with him early on and this
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is what he had to say it's great to come out and get the opportunity to say hello to some people in the old grade just the beautiful so i'm thrilled and this is a great film festival so i'm thrilled to be here while you look at one what's the one thing that you're looking forward to in terms of being here in moscow we just want to get you to come back a little bit more wow you know i got to go to the underground that so that they say the underground is really beautiful and i know that's something i have to go do so before i leave on going to take a nice metro ride with a run of three hundred sixty fold films are today three in the next ten days is now one of the we have to bring and it's a genuine expert martin and receive thank you done for us on how this is going to work out monson we've been seeing a glam out and lives on the red carpet you're making so obvious out the searing of the crowd a little bit how important is it this film festival first of all i have to say that
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russia knows how to do a glamorous occasion don't they i mean the russian women tonight of just being sensational of course we've seen brad pitt himself in all his glory and it's quite interesting to see how he took a. so much time with the fans as well when it comes to your question the answer to that is well obvious the film festival began all the way back in one nine hundred ninety five in fact is when the oldest film festivals in the world bridget was into its prominence until nine hundred fifty nine when it alternated every year until nine hundred ninety five when it became an annual annual event. and the sun shone down on two right next cars roughly more fathers of the world's financial players but after this break.
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i know they tracked approval ratings of the presidents of various countries by did though they still research the approval ratings of former presidents twice like gallup poll that says that george w. bush has been slowly growing in his approval numbers since leaving office in fact his numbers have increased by seventeen percent among independents and even his in three rival democratic voters have given him fourteen percentage points of popularity i think this may be due to the fact that obama's magic has worn off and people are getting fed up with things belonging for the bush days is insane if you are one of the people who has recently decided that bush is awesome and please tell me how he differs from obama true obama can pronounce ninety nine percent of the words on a teleprompter in front of him but both presidents have let expensive wars with questionable objectives bush gave us the patriot act and obama continued it with the n.d.a. both of them seem to like their drones and massive government spending and expansion i don't know i don't think that just because obama's was flawed that somehow makes bush's brain into some sort of triumph but that's just my opinion.
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dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have these healthy guinea pigs in the regular society and they will be used in prisons any more they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. to pop deadly pills you can possibly. he didn't. let him keep. his pharmacy really about helping people.
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